The Clearance Shed

Creation and preparation of the mailers by creating a print ready document, liaise with the trading partners for images to clear cut or photograph samples to be added to the adverts.

Redesign the mailer to a newer fresh clean look, using white-space and giving it a coupon look to add to the bargain feel. As well as creating store templates for price stamps using PowerPoint and embedding the fonts into the document for more compatibility across stores.

Create email marketing campaigns and monitor open rates of the customers on the database, as well as small edits to the website front-end built on the Twitter bootstrap framework.

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Noxa Laboratories

Working with Gerhard converting his vision into a brand for his company by taking the time with each meeting I was able to produce ideas from paper to digital, listening to my client and providing the trust allowed me to take on more of the project. From 3D renders of a product and packaging, to the production and maintenance of the website for Gerhard.
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RAW Media TV

RAW Media is Durban-based media house who embrace all forms of multi-media production and placement from traditional above-the-line mediums like TV and radio to digital era platforms. Working with Warwick and being involved in all the projects, from creating logos, basic brand launch websites to fully customised Flash presentations and with a great relationship between us resulting in many happy recurring clients.
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Yebo Media

Yebo Media is a in-Taxi advertising platform. Brands can reach their audiences in an uncluttered media environment with Digital Taxi TV. This innovative advertising platform promotes an efficient interaction with a captive, economically active the public transport commuter. Willie Eybers connected to Warwick at RAW Media approached Warwick for a branding for is company as well as provide a presentation folder design to take to potential clients, Warwick tasked me with the project. With the design I had to illustrate the busy city life and the mode of transport the project was targeting and of course the product. I feel this was achieved with the final design that it was further taking into Business cards and a simple brand launch website.
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Terry Haywood

Terry is a well known photographer in Durban, working for many years with many different clients. I was asked to deliver a user friendly website that was easy to maintain by Terry with uploading his own content as well as show the variety and class of work that Terry could deliver. In the end we agreed on a professional but also a bit of playful colours to best showcase Terry and his work.
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Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a Graphic design startup built to provide to different aspects, a fun and funky side while the other is targeted at more of a corporate side like in the saying black and white. The logo was built up from the ground up, sketches and mock-ups, retraced in Illustrator, working with other designers in refining the logo and letterhead and combined experience to complete a full branding.
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The Green Rope

The Green Rope is a national online database, housing students from all recognised South African tertiary institutions. Our focus is on part-time or permanent employment. Once registered, businesses will be allowed to browse the database for a suitable candidate through specified search criteria, nationwide and from the comfort of their desk. Approached by Deborah to produce a branding showing the linking to between qualified/prequalified students and local business, in the brief the colours Green & Blue was picked to show the students and business respectively. Sitting down and working with the client we were able to agree with a Reef knot and some visual aspects applied with a High Quality Photoshop image the end resulted in a happy customer. Along with setting up the branding of the company I was also tasked with setting up the template of the website and input the information provided into a readable and easy to use website.
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Muchas Gracias

Muchas Gracias offer language training courses, Qualified teachers under the direction of Waldir Prado provide various language classes across the globe. Waldir approached Tommy Coskey to create a website as well as a logo and branding, tasks that Tommy referred to me. I created an animated Flash banner with the world map rotating and the languages that are taught scrolling underneath, the Flash banner was later used to make the business card and branding for the company. Tommy also entrusted me to setup the content for the website and layout.
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